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 You are looking professional training in lampshade..

You are a professional or individual. You form the expertise and the French touch

Learn a new profession, and work at home, at home, managing your time, or learn to lampshades to redecorate your home

You want to train your remote home for various reasons (geographical, professional, family, disabled or otherwise) and manage your time with flexibility.

 lfdh-Distance learning lampshade is the solution.

Distance learning

Formation abat-jour e-learning

Train at your own pace.
Work with confidence.
Reconcile activity and wage formation.
Access your courses anywhere.
Learn from clear and detailed videos.
​Enjoy the personalized service

​The means

Formation professionnelle abat-jour à l'atelier

Training from a lampshade designer craftsman.
Customized individual training.
3 training materials:
E-learning (6 months)
DVD or USB key (unlimited)
Accompanied by email.
Training module (1-2-3) or by shade
The videos are spoken in French, the sub-titles are in English (or other languages on request)
​Written translations are done from a translation software (see video extract)​

​How does it work?

The videos can be translated into soutitrage in all languages, with translation software.
Depending on the language, the period may be 7 days, the availability of, or videos. The videos are still spoken in French.
I answer the phone in French, and email in any language through translation software
If you choose e-learning training, a password is sent to you dice reception of the payment. The access to the video is valid between 6 and 9 months depending on the duration you have selected.
(For security reasons, the password is changed every month. You will receive an email with a new password)
You also have the option of buying the video on DVD or USB stick, for training on indefinitely. In this case, the shipment is made mandatory by registered mail with signature and acknowledgment of receipt.